We are Liquid – a growing network of fluid innovators, technologists, authentic leaders, cultural facilitators, and business activists from around the world.


Let’s make waves together

A Healthy Planet is Good for Business


We believe in the power of new ideas, positive change, and mindful collaboration. We understand change is hard but also inevitable if we want to co-create a healthier planet. That’s why we founded Liquid School, to help guide organisations and their leaders to become Agents of Solutions for a flourishing reciprocal global ecosystem.

We have a duty of care for generations to come - human and non-human alike.
— Mac Macartney, Author & Change Maker

Bringing the right people to the table

A Network Approach

We designed a liquid network of great people working on solving problems from anywhere in the world, bringing new perspectives and human diversity. Networks over hierarchies, collaboration over competition, and compassion over egotism.


We believe in the power of collaboration across disciplines


decentralised networks are the future

change is the only constant


Future-fit approach: the forefront of business & technology


learning from NATURE

To talk about the future is useful only if it leads to action now
— E.F. Schumacher

Designing Change that matters

The Liquid Learning Experience

Designing and facilitating experiential learning programmes for teams, organisations and their leaders. Through storytelling, innovation, mentoring and prototyping around technology, sustainability and leadership we bring the right stimulus to provoke and explore.

Technology is just an enabler. What really matters is what you enable. And why. And how. That’s where the magic happens.
— David Erixon, liquid network collaborator